Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Marco and Pricillia showed us the special places around Barro Uno and we spent a nice morning together, too bad it was cloudy but the views were spectacular. Thank you Marco and Pricillia. 
Our next stop was Praya Pauba, very small, not even on the map but a fantastic beach. There we met Yvonne, born in Brazil and speaks perfect Swiss, German and English. Yvonne was so kind to invite us to her home for a shower, could not get to her house with the Blue Wonder as her driveway is the steepest I have ever seen, so she took me in her car.
Then on to Paraty where we again had a perfect spot right at the beach and next to the pedestrian only part of the historic town. Got WiFi from the french restaurant even after hours. As we drove in to Paraty a gentleman stopped us an offered us help if we needed translating, he is from Alberta and now lives in Rio.
We did a boat tour of the surrounding islands, then had a wonderful meal at Allan's the french restaurant. There we met another overlander originally from Farce who departed from french Guyana and are traveling with 2.5 year old Naia. After breakfast with Allan we headed for Cumha which is on the original gold road, ( estrada real) we were advised that the road is in poor condition, but after the roads in Peru we thought how bad can it be, so we went. Had to turn around after 25 km. it was that bad, but as a reward we found a waterfall with good pools for bathing, there we met Thibaut and he invited us to Rio and offered us tickets to the Carnival Parade next Sunday.we will see if we can make it there. It will be hard to find a secure place to park, let alone camp.
So far Brazil has been tops, the scenery, vegetation, beaches, all is stunning and the people wonderful. We are now parked at a Shell station and the nuclear power plant of Angro dos Rais. 
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti
 Pictures to follow.
Fisherman in Paranagua but will also take you to the different Islands

Harbour Paranagua

Everything grow on everything Marretes 

Morretes our nice camping spot.

so many different plants on one Palmtree

abundance of flowers

Our fafrite camping spot on the river in Morretes and free

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A topical downpour in Brazil 
Marco and Pricilla who prepared the best Crepes 
Some of the friendly Brazilians on the Ferry

exotic spices and candies

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  1. We volgen ook jullie spot en we vroegen ons al af waarom niet naar Rio? Het Carnaval schijnt spectaculair te zijn. Wel ontzettend druk. We zijn benieuwd of het lukt.