Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 19, 2015
We are still in Rio and having a good time. Our host's took us on a day tour around Rio and its beaches, it is indeed a wonderful and lively city. Thankfully we can still stay a few more day's here at the Collegio Babtista, most students were on Carnaval vacation and will be back on monday so that is the end of our stay here, also it is time to move on. We finally ran out of Propane, so no Fridge and no coffee in the morning. We have been looking for two weeks for propane but none of the companies could or were willing to supply us as our system is unknown here. Waldeck and Debora took us on a walking tour of historic Rio and also a little part of one Favela. On the way we met Marieke and Sophie from Farce who decided to tag along with us as we had such a good guide. We spend a very nice afternoon together. Today it is over 40 degrees and I am not moving from my shaded spot.
Today the 21st. We finally did get Propane and now we can cook again and most important make coffee in the morning.
Waldeck and Debora picked us up at 4 this afternoon and we drove out to their summer place in the mountains, we arrived very late and it was dark and on a little dirt track. We did not know what to expect. Well, what a surprise, the gate was opened and there we drove in to a perfect sanctuary, a main house and 4 cabanas all very tastefully furnished and decorated, with a creek running through the property that can be dammed and you have a swimming pool. Lawns nicely groomed and many outside showers. We walked up though a banana plantation to a waterfall and had a swim to cool off. Stopped at a friends house and he was cooking "Fashada" a Brazilian specialty. What an amazing journey we are having. 
We booked our flight home for March 16, as our car insurance runs out on March 12th and we found a place where we can park the Blue Wonder until our return in November.
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti
That is the closest we got to Christi Redador

View of Rio from Pan de Azucar
Waldeck and Debora took us out for lunch in this very nice Coffee house

Shopping district of Rio

Cathdral in Rio

At 40 degrees we needed refreshment every 30 minutes

This is where Marieke and Sophie joined us

Escala de ? very close to the Vavelas

The beaches are so white you can not be without sunglasses

6am. in the morning, negotiating for Propane in the middle of Rio and finally success

We did get a taste of the bean soup he is cooking 
That is what I call cooling off
The Vavelas
Norbert almost got his camera taken away for taking a picture in the Vavels

The Sanctuary


  1. Wat een leuke reis. Prachtige foto's ook. Dus volgend jaar weer terug, het is echt een wonder dat de van het houd. Goeie reis terug, we horen elkaar

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how many people you meet and join up with! No better way to have an adventure ! Your photos are great. It is going to be so strange for you to come home and stay put, I think that you will have the need to travel and seek adventures, always. Not a bad way to retire...
    It sounds like we will see you soon!! Safe return. xoxo love, Chantal