Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Had an early start and arrived at our destination in Rio at It took us 9 hours for what should have been a 5.5 hour drive. Most of the delay was coursed by one wrong turn very close to our destination and many closed roads due to Carnaval. Thankfully we did make it and are now parked at the Collegio Babtisa where the guard knew we were expected. Met Neto and Grazi who live on the grounds and arranged for our stay. We were right away offered Dinner and most welcome was the shower as it is 40 degrees here. Also met Sergio and Ana who do volunteer work here with the children of the Favelas. 
February 15 we met up with Thibaut and Renata and Asvin, and together went with the Metro to the Parade grounds, just as we arrived it started to rain and did not let up until 2am. The show started a little late but what a spectacular event. I have watched the parade on TV but in the stadium you can feel the plus and the energy not only from the parade in front of you but also the spectators. The floats are incredible and the costumes very elaborate. The event started at 9pm. And finished at 6am. We did stay until 3:30 am. Then the metro ride back and walk to our camper it was 5:0 am. before we were in bed. Today as it is my Birthday I can chose the activity, so I chose sleep to make up for last nite.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti

These are the wonderful people at the Collegio Babtista who made it possible for us to park in Rio de Janeiro.

These are our hosts for the Carnaval Parade

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Our camping spot in Rio

Neto and Grazia  who treated us like family.


  1. Hello Greti and Norbert,
    it was very nice have you two with us on the carnival!
    Besides the strong rains I hope that you liked!
    Come to visit us when you want! Our apartment is open for you!
    kisses, Renatha

  2. Thank you Renata, we loved the Parade, the energy of the people and the people we were with, I forgot all about the rain.
    When we are back in Brazil in November we will contact you, stay healthy and Happy.
    Norbert and Greti