Saturday, February 14, 2015

From Paraty we drove to Angra dos Reis and gave the town a short visit, Norbert remembers the bay from the late 1960's but in the past 48 years it has changed. There are now 2 nuclear power plants and a 3rd. Under construction. The views of the islands are beautiful but many of the beaches are not open to the public. 
We then went to Volta Rodonda as we were told that we could get our propane tank filled there,
not so, we were sent all over town but could not find a filling station. So on we went to Barbasena where we found a level parking for the nite. Today we went to Tiradentes, a very historic mining town, with lots of antique stores and artisan work. If it was not for the cars, one would feel transported back in time. Had lunch and in that small restaurant met one man from California and 3 young ladies from Portland Oregon. The girl from Portland was surprised to see us as she was told a few days ago of a camper that drove all the way from Canada.
On the drive out of town a car passed us and a girl waived her Canadian drivers license and jelled "I am also Canadian". We are now in São João del Rei, another historic mining town with a big university and famous for its Churches. We are parked on campus with permission of the faculty. Did the walking tour of the tourist spots and are now ready for a good sleep. Our next stop is Ouro Preto.
Pictures to follow
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti
We went just a little further and turned around, 

The islands before Angra dos Reis
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Not only humans seek refuge in a church,

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