Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Spot not moving

January 5th.
Well we are still in Buenos Aires , that is the reason our Spot is not moving. We had a good New Year, went to see the opening of the Dakar Race, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. It was a very hot day and the crowds were incredible.
Lots of Police and traffic control. But all went well and we were surprised how well behaved everyone was. Tons of Porta potties and no smell, as every 5 potties had a cleaning lady.
We did not stay to the end as we did not want the crowd on the train and subway and bus on the way home.
On January 4th. I bit in to a bun and my front tooth with a crown broke off. Had a hard time to find a dentist as thy are all on holiday. Today I finally found one and it will take 5 days to get it fixed. Norbert took the Blue Wonder in for the rear axle and the prognosis is not very good, we will need more parts which are not available in Argentina so one possibility is to take the bus to Chile, Valparaiso and get them there, shipping would take too long and will be held up by custom. So for the next week  our progress is on hold.
Today was 3 kings day here, the day the kids get presents. The neighbourhood had organized a big party with the 3 kings on a truck giving out sweets and presents. The amount of people who turned up was overwhelming. Argentina definitely does not need emigrants as almost every family has at least 4 children. We left the party early as it is hot and does not cool down in the evening, thank goodness for A.C.
Again we wish all a very Happy New Year.
I will keep you updated on the progress of the Blue Wonder.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti

Downtown Buenos Aires

The Cathedral of the City of B.A.

The Dakar Race. Me at 5.2  could not see anything only hear the noise

Block Party.
The 3 Kings

All waiting for a present
The Start of the Race


  1. Sounds lovely, except for the tooth part! I hope they can fix it quickly for you. In the meantime perhaps some tango lessons are in order?! :)

  2. My legs were made for walking and climbing but not for dancing. But I love watching it.

  3. Yes BUT what was IN the bun you bit into Greti ? Go figure huh?

    In the l960s and into the 1970s I worked professionally as a race engine builder .. I made the big time .. much excitement for sure .. Much Joy from Hong Kong .. Cap ..

  4. A bit late but never the less we want to wish you and Norbert all the best for 2015.
    I wish it was possible to post pictures as I have seen one that reminded me to visit your blog again.
    Will sent it by email it's really a funny one. Keep cool and moving :)
    Rob, Lianne and Nick