Saturday, January 24, 2015

We arrived in Torres, in the province of Rio Grande and were welcomed by torrential rain. All the streets were flooded which is dangerous as the potholes or lidless manholes are not visible.
Made it to a campground and were happy not to be in a tent but in the Blue Wonder.
Next morning we went to visit Aparados da Serra park, rough road but wonderful views and waterfalls. On the way up we met Carlos, Rogerio and Gusta. Carlos and Rogerio are from Brazil but now living in London, and as Carlos grew up in Praia Grande he gave us lots of info. about this national Park and its history. Our plan was to keep going east to Cambarra do Sul, but Carlos invited us to have dinner at his beach house in Ballenario Roxo dos Santos, so we followed him there. What a beautiful beach, these are places one only finds through locals.
We had a wonderful dinner and I got all my laundry done. We were told that Brazilians are very friendly, yet still surprised how many people talk to us or honk their horn and give us the thumbs up. Time and again we get asked " did you really drive all the way from Canada?"
At the internet cafe we met teenagers on vacation here, thy were eager to speak english, and asked many questions about Canada,
and the other countries we traveled though. What a group of fine young kids.
Went for a late walk on the beach and will travel on tomorrow.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti
Carlos, Regorio, Gusta, we met at the waterfalls and were invited to the beach house for asado.

Aparados Da Serra

Maite, Kaue, Amanda, Thiago and Rogerio

Flooded road in Torres

Sunser in Barras, Uruguay

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Thank You Carlos


  1. looking good! we have torrential rain here too, so you aren't far from our thoughts.

  2. Hallo Zusammen, bin wieder mal ein Stückchen bei euch mitgefahren und hab einige Posts nachlesen müssen. Ihr habt ja so unwahrscheinlich Glück, dass ihr immer wieder nette Leute trefft. Aber kein Wunder, eure Herzlichkeit, Offenheit und Ausstrahlung zieht jeden an. Wünsche Euch eine tolle Weiterreise...wir sind dabei. Ich fliege morgen nach Wales UK, da wird eine Freundin 80 Jahre alt und die werde ich überraschen. Auf das Gesicht freue ich mich schon, wenn ich unter Tür stehe. Bis bald mal wieder......RITA und der ganze Clan

  3. It seems that at least many people who follow my travels are amazed that we road warriors actually find and use good dentists and other health care professionals outside of Canada and the U.S. Torrential rains .. Oh My .. I see them in India. The sky opens up and down it comes .. covering pot holes and manholes with no lids. I can relate to that .. It is nice you can sleep inside of the Blue Wonder!! .. Smiles ..

  4. As Mary-Anne was saying we had the rain here too - 110 mm at our house within 7 hours! I was getting ready to build an ark and start gathering up the animals haha. Wonderful to see you have met more friends along the way! Love the photos!

  5. Hi Greti!! I´m Pablo the dentist. Excellent photo at the clinic!!. Congrats for the blog and the incredible trip you are carrying on with Norbert. I send you my greetings. See you soon in Buenos Aires