Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 17,2015

Left Punta del Este and drove to Puerta del Diablo beach. Then we went to see Fortaleza Santa Teresa. As it turns out thy did not accept Dollars or Argentinian Peso, only Uruguay peso or Brazilian Real of which we had none. We were about to leave when a very young couple offered to pay for us, that put the cashier to shame and thy let us enter for free. I should not be, but it always surprises me again how nice and generous people are everywhere. Met some motor bikers from Brazil who were admiring the Blue Wonder and before long we had quite a crowd around our Van, thank goodness Norbert speaks Porugese.   Exit from Uruguay went swift, and after we found the Brazilian Crossing behind some construction our passports were stamped in minutes. When it came to the Van, no one knew what to do, so we were told to wait. After 45 min. We were told we were good to go. But hold on, you did not import our car. Turns out there is no procedure for a temporary auto import. So we asked what happens if the police stopped us.
No problem, here is the regulation number just show that to the police.
When we asked how long we can keep the Van in Brazil, 90 day's. But our Van does not exist in Brazil, so how do we export it in 90 days? Good question. So thy send us on our way.
When I get WiFi. I will google the rules for temporary auto import in Brazil
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti


  1. Fijn dat jullie weer op weg zijn. Ben benieuwd naar jullie avonturen. Alles ok hier voorlopig, wacht nog op een uitslag dan hebben we het gehad. Liefs voor jullie

  2. Beste wensen foor een goede uitsladg.

  3. Foi um prazer muito grande conhecer vocês , vocês fizeram viagens muito legais e que continue assim , boa sorte na caminhada de vocês, de seu amigo do Brasil , Balneário Rosa Do Mar.

  4. Hope you guys are enjoying Brazil! We have big news...Marcia is expecting a baby and we will have a new member for our team!!! If you need something in Brazil give us a shout, we have friends and family all over the place!! Love, Andre, Marcia and Olivia.

  5. You attract what you give...this is why you have so many nice and generous people helping you! It is a reflection of who you and Norbert. :)

  6. Hi Guys,
    We were happy to find your website. We are about to travel with our car to Brazil. We are travelling for the last 1.5 year mainly through Argentina and Chile in our Toyota Ladcruiser 80 , 1997 which was converted for expedition.
    Now the car is stored in Buenos Aires and we are in Israel with our family and plan to come and take the car to Brazil by the end of June travel to mid October store the car and come back to Israel for few month. We read a lot of confusing info about leaving the car in Brazil but seems that your experience is the most recent. We wonder if not doing a temporary import at the port of entry holds for all Brazil or it was only by chance at the specific port of entry and specific Customs that you met there. for all port So, if it doesn't bother you too much we have few questions.
    our email is

    1. What was your port of entry (maybe we should use also).
    2. Do you by any chance have the regulation number (you mentioned "So we asked what happens if the police stopped us.No problem, here is the regulation number just show that to the police"). that allows travelling without the documentation of temporary import? Also where did you find it?
    3. How was the weather during Jan-April during your travel? Did you do some offroad?
    4. Where did you store your car? Maybe we can use the same place/
    5. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
    Tamar and Israel