Monday, December 29, 2014

We arrived in Buenos Aires at 8:0 pm. Dec.23. That day we did 800 km. 
the east coast of Argentina is quite boring, no wonder most Overlanders  race to the south to Ushuaia and then north along the Andes or Carretera Astral in Chile. Ruta 3 is flat, lots of bad pavement and very few interesting points. We finally cougth up with Andy and Ellen  who are on a motorbike tour which started from Alaska two and a half years ago and are on the way to Ushuaia with some more detours. 
We left Brenda and Rick in Isla Valdez, as thy are taking their time to get to Colonia in Uruguay.
I am happy that we could spend Christmas with Family, but it was in no way the traditional Christmas, here thy celebrate with fireworks and lots of noise plus 33 degrees.
It was nice to meet Ellen and Andi who spent 4 days with us, also gave us many tips and suggestions for Brazil and Ellen made delicious dumplings for us.
Norbert has an appointment Jan. 5th. To get the rear axle checked, so we will have time to see the start of the Dakar Race on Jan 3rd.
At the moment it is 39 degrees here so we will stay close to the air conditioner.
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti
With Captain Magallanes

Penguins at Cabo Dos Bahias

Little Penguins, strong smell
Museo Paleontologico Egidio Feruglio

Trying to catch the Bus?

Very interesting Murals
The stickers are adding up

Andi the Kiwi

Ellen the Kiwi
Norbert longing for a ride

Christmas dinner at Chola's
then in the pool

A stroll in the Capital Buenos Aires

Post Christmas shopping

Preparations for the Dakar Race in front of Casa Rosada

Here we met Marcela who showed us around Buenos Aires

Train Cementary


  1. Hoi, mooi om jullie reis hier zo te volgen. Ik wens jullie een mooie jaarwisseling, heel veel veilige kilometers. En natuurlijk een fijne reis verder.

  2. Hi Harold and Family.
    Ook wij wensen jullie een feine jaareswissel, op het moment it is 38 graden hier, na Januarie 6 gaat de reis verder naar Brazilie. Groertn aan Coonie, Vincent en Charlotte.

  3. Liebe Greti
    Die besten Wünsche fürs 2015 aus dem tief verschneiten Zürich.
    Herzliche Grüsse

  4. Auch wir vom derzeit verschneiten Schwabenländle wünschen euch einen tollen Jahreswechsel und in 2015 nur positive Erlebnisse.
    Gruesse an Manfred und Familie von Rita & Günter und dem ganzen Clan.