Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 16, 2015

Monument on the beach of Punta De Este. That's what I call hanging on by a nail.

Abandoned beach house in Playa de Diablo Uruguay


Norbert checking out the road to the beach, we did turn back as the "road" got softer and softer.
Arrived in Montevideo before noon. It is a very nice and interesting city. Did some sight seeing and found a nice spot to camp, right by the lighthouse on the Rambla.
Interesting part is that cars with foreign license plates do not pay for parking. What a concept to assist the tourist.
Uruguay is very expensive, 2 hamburgers $ 16.00 USD. And gasoline is $ 2.00 CND.
The country is very clean, all along the highways grass is trimmed and the city is vey modern and geared for the sophisticated shopper. Also people are very friendly.
January 16, 2015.
On to Punta del Este, apparently the most expensive place to live in Uruguay.
Again free parking and the beaches are wonderful and very crowded. It is vacation time here so wherever you go lots of young people.
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti 
Fotos will follow



  1. 2.00 a litre? you should come home, we are under a dollar a litre as of yesterday. So great to be able to read of your adventures. If hamburgers are 8.00 each, I can't imagine what your new crown on your tooth must have cost. Glad the Blue Wonder is back on the road.....

  2. My tooth was done in Argentina, cost $ 360.00

  3. It's funny how you commented on how clean and modern the city is - I was thinking that while looking at your photos! LOVE the photo of you hanging by a nail! haha. It looks beautiful there!