Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 5, 2014
Entered Chile at noon, immigration went smooth, custom took my cheese and salami and some vegetables but all with a friendly smile.
Brenda had to give up her almonds and raisins, she offered them to a group of mountain bikers that were behind us, thy were very happy to take them and ate them on the spot. The custom officer just nodded and smiled.  So nothing was wasted. Drove to puerto Montt and checked the price for the ferry to Puerto Aisen, about a 30 hour ride. Prices are steep and we would have to wait 6 days to get on so it is a no go and we return to Bariloche and south from there on Ruta 40. Will stop in Villa la Angostura to find a dentist to fix a chipped tooth. In Puerto Montt we were in the middle of a trucker and harbour workers demonstration with burning tiers and full police and military presence. As we drove by the situation was defused for a moment as all the protesters shouted Viva Canada and gave us the thumbs up. We were glad to be out of Puerto Montt. Camped by the side of the lake and next morning headed for Argentina. Found a very nice dentist in Villa la Angostura who took me in right away, fixed my tooth and made me a nite guard, in and out in one hour for the price of $80.00 us. Equipment the same as my dentist n Vancouver. All very modern and a very nice lady to booth. Camped in an empty lot in a residential area, the people living across the street came over to chat and then gave us fresh vegetables from their garden and assured us that we are quit safe here.
This morning a short stop in Bariloche looking for a part for the Blue Wonder and then on to La Bolsa were we are now in a campground with hot showers and WiFi.
Internet not strong enough to post pictures, hopefully the next stop will have better internet.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti
Volcan Puyehue in Chile

the dark blue is our route to Chile

Truckers protest in Puerto Montt

entering Chile

Dr. Marcela inVilla La Angostura

the dog is begging Norbert to play with him

a coffee for Gregorio 

10 am. coffee break

I did not think I would need my jacket so soon


  1. Hot Dog You Two Are Back .. Cap now in Hong Kong ..

  2. Hi Cap.
    Hope your trip is going well, so nice to hear from you. are you on your way to India?