Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nov. 30, 2014

November 30, 2014 
We drove from Malargue to Zapata and it felt strange to wear winter clothing and after 100 km. we had to change in to our usual gear as it warmed up to 28 degrees again, so the snow was a real fluke. Ruta 40 is part paved but mostly under construction and the rest is what here is called "ripo" gravel. It took us all day to drive 500 km. and we arrived in Zapata very late afternoon. We filled up the tank, checked internet and parked across the street by the gas station and spent the nite there, very quiet and bathrooms at gas station immaculate.
It still surprises us how friendly and helpful everyone is.
When we entered the Province of Neuquen and stopped at a closed tourist info. parking to make lunch, the kind warden connected 3 hoses so Norbert could wash the Blue Wonder as it had collected a lot of mud from the famous Ruta 40.
I asked him when the inspection for fruit and vegetables was, he told me he was the inspector and he knows that I have no forbidden items. 
Every Provincial border we cross I take everything out of the fridge and hide it until we are well past inspection then all goes back in the fridge. Chos Malal is a very nice town and as it was Sunday afternoon all the families were in the Plaza. The kids playing, the parents drinking Mate, and the teenagers checking each other out. 
December 1, 2014
Again slow internet and will post pictures later

Puente del Inka

Crissy and Anki the two motor bike girls 

old bridge

new bridge

We stop for Goats

and cows and gouchos

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  1. Hope you have good internet connection soon. Look forward to pics.
    Safe travels and have fun! By the way does the blue wonder have secret compartments for your fruit and vegetables? If not something to think about hey.