Sunday, December 7, 2014

After Zapala we stopped in Junin de los Andes were we visited the Via Christi, a park with statues about the bible and also the human history. After the tour we were invited to the artist's
Workshop. We would have liked to spend more time there but had to keep going.
San Martin de los Andes also is a charming town, one has the feeling to be in Europe or Switzerland.  Did some shopping and had a nice spot by the river where we spent the nite. 
Then on to Te route of the 7 lakes. At one of the lakes we met Gregorio, he is from Poland and hitchhiking across South America. We gave him a ride to Bariloche. We stayed at a. Campground outside of Bariloche, the city itself is very busy and a typical  tourist town.
There I cooked up all my perishables as we are heading for Chile and the Chilean custom are very strict, so no hiding of anything.

another dog fount a playmate

Statur in Park Via Chrisi

Roadside lunch stop
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti
Ehat a wonderful statue

our route for the day


  1. What an awesome statues. Hope you are gonna spot some more on your adventure and if so please share the pics :).

  2. Thanks for your comment Lianne, I will post some more of the statues.