Monday, December 30, 2013

Well we made it out of Playa Maderas but without the chains I don't think we would have made it.
We are now in San Jose Del Sur and will cross in to Costa Rica tomorrow. There is no camping in San Jose Del Sur so we parked at the main plaza and had a very noisy night with very loud music until 5am. Headed for the border early but had to turn back as there is no gas station until you cross the border and we wanted to use up our quarzales. 
 This time we felt more prepared for the border crossing, when the goons approached us Norbert's face clearly said BACK OFF  and thy got the message and left us alone. It probably took us a little longer to do all the paperwork but we did cross within two hours. Not bad. At the insurance window we saw the sticker of the Two Moto Kiwis and a bunch of other adventurers. It is amazing how many people do this trip.
We wanted to camp at Playa Los Cocos and were already suspicious when there was a lineup of cars going that direction, and sure enough, the town and the beach was packed so we turned around and headed further south to Playa Samara were we are camped right at the beach. This beach reminds us of Pequeno Paraiso but all our good friends are missing and it is a lot hotter here. We will spend New Year here and then head further south. 
Missing all our friends and Family and wishing you all a blessed New Year.
Big Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti.
PS. The lady jogging on the beach is quite advanced in age and had 8 dogs,one with only 3legs and a bird  and it was very hot.


  1. good news there are no "helpers" in South America border crossings. Happy New Year!!

  2. The pictures you are sending are wonderful. Thanks for making my day.
    I wish you a Very Happy New Year and a safe drive.

  3. Horst und RoswithaJanuary 1, 2014 at 1:25 AM

    Hallo Greti und Norbert, wir wünschen Euch alles Gute im neuen Jahr, vor allem Gesundheit und weiter viel Spaß bei Eurer Südamerikatour.
    Wir haben ruhig ins neue Jahr gefeiert mit Daniela und mit Ulli und seiner Frau.
    Es liegt kein Schne bei uns und es sind zur Zeit um die Null Grad.
    Laßt es Euch gut gehen und passt auf Euch auf. Viele Grüße von allen Jöhstädtern.