Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rio Dulce to Lake Atitlan

Rio. Dulce to Lake Atitlan

Left Rio Dulce and found where to fill propane, at the gate a guard with a gun and Norbert had to leave his drivers licence with the guard before we could enter.
We had to wait 30 minutes for a driver  to pick up the proper connector. Finally got filled up and were on our way to Atitlan. Good two lane highway with passing lanes here and there, but the main thing was  NO TOPES. What a relieve to not have to be so vigilant when driving. There still were the big (and I mean big) pot holes but manageable.
Drove straight through Guatemala City and took some wrong turns til a Taxi pointed us in the right direction.
Driving through Chimaltenango was crazy and slow. From there it went up in to the mountains with very dense fog and by now it was getting dark. So we did what we never do, drive after 5pm. In the dark with heavy fog on a stretch of road we do not know. Needless to say my intense prayers were answered and we made it to the camping place. It was too dark to appreciate the surroundings but when I got up this morning I realized we are in a breathtaking beautiful place.
Right now it is a bit noisy as there is a party for the labour union with loud music and a pig roast, and as south american people do not know private space thy park themselves right in front of your door or in your chair. Well we are the visitors here so we will adjust.    
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti


  1. We volgen jullie op de spot om te zien waar je bent. De namen van de steden zijn ons vreemd. Wat een avontuur. Wij zijn in Munchen, alles comfortabel, leuke kerstmarkt en hopen op sneeuw in Oostenrijk zaterdag. Daniel komt vanavond, Luca, Howard en Erika morgen. Full house. Bedankt voor je lieve kerstmail. Pas op jezelf en kom gezond weer terug.
    Liefs van ons allemaal. Walter en Tiny

  2. For the last two days I am keeping posted and did not work .......I am just trying one more time

  3. Now it is working
    I was asking if you tried the BBQ..???
    How is the weather there ?? Here it is still warm and very hummed .......
    I really enjoyed the pictures , the buses one remind me all the colourful things that we see here from there...
    Is Guatemala mas pobre than Mexico ? To me look like it is ........
    Drive safe

  4. Sunday, December 22 is almost finished and I did not know where are you ........
    Any plan for Tuesday and Wednesday ?
    Any new pictures to share ?
    Big hug from here

  5. Hope that you are stopping somewhere nice for Christmas. All your LdeM family will send a toast your way. We are having a progressive appetizer dinner with each RV row doing course one, two and three. The we head up the tower for dessert on the rooftop. On the 25th we will have a "family" dinner with 50 of us on the patio. We will miss you! Now we head to the beach and are happy to avoid the Christmas shopping frenzie of back home.
    Happy travels, Love, Isy

  6. Glad you made it safe! That pig looks awesome. Merry Christmas from Chile! xoxo