Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

 Dec. 24, 2013

Drove from Sunzal to Paya Cuco, 160 km.
Found a very nice camping spot right at the beach with swimming pool and toilets plus showers all for $ 2.50 per person. It is very hot here but the breeze makes it livable. 
Left El Salvador and entered and exited Honduras within 4 hours, the roads in Honduras are not too bad, hope Nicaragua will be the same. The border crossing and import and export of the car is a pain, as you approach the border you get assaulted by  money changers and people who want to do the paperwork for you for a fee which thy will not disclose before. 
The custom agents seem to work with them thy are very unfriendly and want tons of copy's off all your papers, every time we approach a border it is chaos.
Hope this will improve. We are now in Esteli, it is Christmas Day and we are in Hotel Las Americas with secure parking for the camper, and as you see Also WiFi.
Thank you all for your Christmas Wishes and Norbert and I wish you all the same with a big hug.


  1. I am a bit late in wishing you a merry Christmas, but better late than never. What a fantastic trip. I love the pictures, and your comments , just like being there. Keep sending these pictures.

  2. Happy holidays. Marg and I are enjoying a winter Xmas with our daughter and husband in Calgary, so snow is the order of the day.

    We are glad that you are having such a wonderful adventure and wish we were there with you. When we were in our twenties, we travelled thru Central America to Columbia and Ecuador, so we can appreciate the sights you are seeing.

    Keep up the good work with letting us know of your travels. My son in law suggested that we meet you at the end of your trip and take over the van to return home. An interesting idea!!

    Happy New Year,
    Brian and Marg