Friday, December 27, 2013

Esteli to Masaya

Drove from Esteli to Masaya , gasoline is $1.60 a liter, the country side is very clean but we find the people not very friendly towards tourists. We camped at the vulcano Malaya and were the only campers there, had a nice hike up to the peak and were rewarded with a beautiful view.
Toada we drove to Granada, very nice colonial city, I would say better than Antigua.
From there we drove south to Playa Madera, recomended by the guide book a sa wonderful beach.
No mention that the road there is for 4 wheel drive only and when we realised that, it was too late to turn around. We made it down and it is a surfer "paradies" the beach is nice enough.
So Norbert put on the snow chains in preparation for the drive up tomorrow, and I will worry all nite if we will make it. Well time

again for prayer. I will blog tomorrow and tell you ow it went.
Big Hug to all
Norbert and Greti


  1. Internet finally came back last night
    I was thinking on you without me (my post)
    Now we are together again, ready for tomorrow

  2. Wij zijn ook in Granada geweest, leuk om jullie foto's te zien. We zijn nog in Munchen, gaan morgen terug naar huis. Liefs, Walter en Tiny

  3. Snow tires in the tropics! Love it and hope you are up the road without any grief! We are still getting rain showers with short sun breaks. Mud is our worst problem. Big hugs, Isy

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