Wednesday, December 25, 2013


We planned to spend two day's in Antigua, but what an interesting town it is. We are parked at the tourist Police compound with two french families one Swiss and one Brazilian all with motorhomes and young children, the Brazilians are also planning to go to Argentina. Yesterday we walked up to the volcano with a guide who explained the formations. Again we were a very interesting group.
From Seattle a mother and her two daughters. A French family now living in San Paulo Brazil a Swedish couple who are trekking around south america for the last 7 years and a young fellow from China plus us and Andre and Marcia from Brazil. It was fun and interesting to hear everyone's motivation for being in Antigua.Dec. 23, 2013

We did spend a very nice 4 days in Antigua and left this morning at 8.0am.
Very little traffic and exported the car from Guatemala and imported it to El Salvador and did all the border formalities within two hours. We noticed a difference in the road quality and gasoline is less here than in Guatemala.  Drove to las Sunzal where there should be a camping spot but there is none. First person we meet is from Nanaymo BC. we ended up parking is someone's yard for $10.00 for the night with swimming pool to top it off.
Will continue tomorrow to  Honduras and hope for WiFi.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti

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  1. It was very nice meeting you Greti and Norbert!! But we have to confess that is hard tough to say good-bay every time we meet such special people like you guys!! So we just say: see you later!!
    Andre, Marcia and Olivia