Monday, December 16, 2013


 Crossed in to Guatemala and the paperwork to exit Mexico and import the car to Guatemala took about 2 hours. Not too bad. Discovered that Norbert's drivers license expires January 31, 2014 so for Guatemala no problem but further south we will see. 
Got in to Flores quite late so booked in to a hotel.
This morning we were blocked by a truck and staff could not find in which room the driver was, so we waited until 9 am. Until finally thy located the driver, he just handed out the key an Norbert moved his truck. It is 57 km. drive from Flores to Tikal. Entrance fee is 150 Q, per person and for Nationals it is 25.0 Q. Extra charge for museums with the same difference for nationals and tourists.
The ruins are impressive and the biggest we have seen with very good descriptions and a good map for the site. It was raining and the paths were slippery so did not climb a lot of steps.  There was a ceremonial dance being held and after the dance the participants have a picnic. The tree is a Ceiba tree.
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti


  1. Are you there now ?
    The rain remember our first week at El Camino and you there wearing the rain coat........
    Have a good sleep
    Keep driving it is bringing me a lot of fun

  2. Enjoying the pictures Greti, keep them coming. Can Norbert apply for a Dr. Lic. extension at a Canadian embassy. or apply for a Panamanian Dr. Lic. ? Better check the expiry dates on his bank cards and credit cards too.

  3. We are still with you..............RiGü

  4. We are with you. We visited a Oaxaca, San Christobal, Aqua Azul and Palenque with our girls in 1990 traveling in a old class C RV. So your pictures and your adventure remind us many images.
    Thank you!

    Celine and Bruno