Saturday, December 19, 2015

Update on rear axle.
As of this writing we are back on the road. The rear axle is fixed, thy send it out to a machine shop were thy welded it and machined it to its original dimensions, and then installed the bearing Norbert had brought along. We were allowed to sleep in the camper in the shop, and next day Ueverton, one of the workers invited us to his house for lunch, his wife Josina had cooked a 3 course dinner, thy made us feel part of their family. We drove back to Brasilia and visited the government district, we wanted to tour one building but were told that you must be properly dressed, no shorts or sandals. So Norbert was out. Met up with Florence and Yohan from France whom we had met in Chapada Diamantina, and it was a nice surprise to see them again. Went back to Auberge de Jufentude where we camped before and this time there was a camper from Switzerland, with Paul and Elsbeth. Thy have traveled the whole north, central and South America over the last 4 years. Thy plan to travel Brazil extensive for the next 6 months.
Today we left Brasilia and drove to Pirenopolis, 140 km west of Brasilia. What a nice and historic place. As we were writing our name in the guestbook of the church/museum  we were told that there is a Nun from Canada and would we like to meet her.
So we met Sister Maria, from Terrace, British Columbia, working in Brazil for the last 34 years. What a bundle of energy, and lots of fun.
The 4 Nuns working here look after 100 needy children. Also 25 seniors, most with dementia and abandoned by their family's . Incredible the work thy do. We were invited to stay here, have safe parking for the camper and a big room with A/c and bathroom. 
Norbert was able to do some needed repairs like fixing drains and electric outlets. He also fixed their chainsaw and today thy cut down two very large trees with the help of some other volunteers. I helped with sorting clothing that was donated from Canada and the USA.

Also staying here and doing some volunteer work are Simone, Mike and little Li

la from Germany. We will be here until the 20th. then travel south to Uberlandia.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti

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