Sunday, December 6, 2015

2nd. Advent

Dec.05, 2015

We are still in the camping at Praia Flamingo. As we are so close to the beach the 40 degrees heat does not feel so hot, there is a nice breeze, only problem is that the breeze stops around 10pm.
So sleeping is so-so. There are only two Gringos here, Lora and Stephan from Germany and us. As we are the only white people here we stick out like a sore thumb. Spend a good part of this morning watching a man cut down the coconuts, definitely skill required. Norbert grabbed some and was busy cutting them open as it is one of his favorite fruit. Lots of motor bikers from the gathering camping here so last nite Norbert got a ride to the show.
 There is a big supermarket close by so shopping and laundry are done. Went in to town to attend a motorbike get-together and for a nice dinner.  As this camping has a kitchen, I pre cooked several meals, as we want to safe the propane for the fridge. Today the key for the kitchen was lost so we had to climb though the window to do our cooking. Tomorrow we are off to Chapada Diamantina, a 5.3 hour drive.(hopefully). Lora and Stephan will take a ride with us and from there thy will take the bus back to Rio. 
Taylor, still a belated Happy Birthday.
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti 

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  1. what? no picture of you breaking into the kitchen! lol