Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Left Salvador Dec. 7th. In the morning. Laura and Stephan came with us as thy also wanted to visit Diamantina and were going to take the bus there, so were happy to get a ride. Stopped in Lencois and checked out the prices for the tours and camping, both are very expensive, thy were asking 70 Reales for dry camping, where everywhere else we pay from 20 to 40 R.
So we drove on to Gruta Azul in Pratinha.
There we paid 10R. For camping, a wonderful Chrystal clear river to cool off in and the Gruta Azul
also is amazing, too bad we could not swim in the Gruta. Well the tropes finally did their deed, as we drove in to Pratinha, the left rear spring of the camper broke, Norbert did a temporary repair and today we drove 37 km. to a shop that specializes in spring repairs. It is a very busy station but thy took us in right away.
As we do not know yet how long the repairs will take, Laura and Stephan got a ride in to Seabra and from there will take the bus to Lencois. We wish them safe travels and it was nice to have them along for a few days.
Update on the springs, thy do not have our exact size so we will have to replace both rear springs. It is now 6pm and we have new rear springs and shocks, so the Blue Wonder is good to go.
Hugs to all.

Norbert and Greti 


  1. thank you for sharing your adventures with us. Sorry about the spring - I hate it when car trouble occurs on the road, but it always seems to work out. Well done!

  2. Thanks for keeping in touch, say hi to all at knitting and Merry Christmas to all.