Saturday, September 5, 2015

Well today is October 3rd. We are minus Martha and Karli.
Martha had problems with her boots and found it hard to sleep with other people in the room,
She also missed her grand children. Thy took the bus back to St. Jean Pied de Port and will drive back to Holland.
Today we had another 30 km. walk, but it was cloudy so good for walking.
The road today was along the freeway, so not so nice and no grapes or figs to pick. The temperature dropped down to 17 degrees so we needed extra blankets.
We found a nice auberge in Belorado, and met up with Vismante and Greta two wonderful young ladies from Lithuania who are longtime friends and doing the Camino together. Shared a nice dinner with them and a bottle of wine. There is a fiesta in town, Norbert went to have a look but I am resting up for tomorrow when we have quite a climb.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti
Today's walk was longer than expected but very beautiful.
We left Belorado at 7.0 am. And the streets were still full of fiesta revellers most very drunk but all wished us Buen Camino and commented on my Canada flag. We wanted to walk to San Juan de Ortega which is over the Oca mountain at 1,100 meters, very rocky and steep.
When we arrived, the Auberge was full, so we walked to Ages, same thing. So on we went to 
Atapuerco where we are now in a nice Auberge and with our friends Vismante and Greta from 
Lithuania. Of the 20 some people here we know at least half, thy are from Holland, Germany, Lithuania, Brazil, lucky for us we can communicate with all. Tomorrow we will be in Burgos where we will take a Hotel for a good rest.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti


  1. Just want to say that it amazes me that you can sleep in a room with so many people. I have just one snoring guy in my bedroom and find it difficult to sleep :) Found this poem and it's worth sharing so here it is:
    To the Pilgrim

    from the day of your birth
    you have been on the journey.
    an encounter awaits you.
    with whom?
    perhaps with your own self.
    your steps will be your words
    the journey your song
    your fatigue your prayer
    and your silence will at last speak,
    with the others
    but out of yourself
    you that think yourself surrounded by unfriendliness
    will find joy.
    although your spirit may not know where
    your feet will carry your heart.
    another is coming to meet you,
    and is searching for you
    so that you can find Him in the sanctuary
    at the end of the pilgrimage,
    in the sanctuary deep inside your heart.
    Walk On guys hugs Lianne

  2. Lianne you brought me to tears, thank you so much for the poem, I will pass it on to our pilgrim friends. Have a great time in Holland
    Hugs to the three of you.