Monday, September 7, 2015

September 6
We arrived in Burgos at mid day and took a hotel as we both needed a good rest.
Norbert had developed some blisters on his right foot and the nite before we were in a room with a Brazilian couple and the man was a very heavy snorer and Norbert says I was in competition with him so Norbert got very little sleep. Visited the Cathedral and again was impressed with the enormity and history of it. Left Burgos at 6:30 am. and walked to Hontanas, 
33.5 km. Today's walk reminded me of my Camino in 2013. This was the stretch where I was contemplating to quit the Camino as I was in so much pain and inner turmoil. What difference today, sunshine but not too hot, no pain emotionally or physically, how Blessed I am.
Met up with Estrella, a lady from Madrid who is a nurse, she treated Norbert's blisters and helped us make a reservation in this Auberge. So we call her Norbert's Camino Angel.
Met up again with Greta and Vismante and Andrea who is from Germany. Met two German ladies who walk over 40 km. per day, very impressive. Also keep meeting up with Bernhardt,
Today Sept. 7th. Walked to Boadillo del Camino, 29.7 km. not too hot and a pleasant breeze
which made the long climb up to Alto Mostelares actually a pleasant walk. Norbert's blisters are also getting better. We are in a very nice Hostal/hotel with a private room with bath. Also a very nice garden with a pool and lots of fruit trees of which Norbert took full advantage. Met up with our Camino friends and had dinner with them, we were 9 at our table and know each other since the start.
Tomorrow we will walk to Carrion de los Condes.Thank you Vivian for calling to my attention that it is September and not October.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti.

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