Monday, September 21, 2015

From Tricastella to Saria, the plan was to walk the short route to Sarria which would have been 18.5 km. but we took a wrong turn and endet up in  Samos where there is a Monastery from the
13th. century. It was a 8km. detour but well worth it. Lucked out in Sarria as we had a room with 4 beds  and we were the only occupants. Met a german couple who walked from Trier, Germany
So far thy walked 2,300 km. their pilgrim Pass is impressive to say the least.
Today the 19th. we walked to Gonza, 32.2 km. my ankle is giving me problems just like last time 

but only my left one, so I can keep walking. The path went through Forrest so was very pleasant. We are at the municipal albergue with

28 beds to a room, now sitting in the sunshine
Waiting for dinnertime. Did laundry as there is a washer and dryer and no line up. Amazing the things that can make you happy. Tomorrow on to Melide, if my ankle is bad I will take the bus.
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti
Well my ankle held up, we are now in Perdouzo 19.8 km. short of Santiago, my ankle is ok until I stop walking. The Camino is now quite busy, as the obligatory 100 kilometres to receive the Compostela starts in Saria and that is what many people do. Today was hot but the Camino was nice and shaded by eucalyptus trees. As of today I have taken 1,154,846 steps and walked
795.14 km. we still have 19.8 km. to go. Norbert with his long legs probably has a few less steps.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti

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  1. Holy smokes ! You guys are almost done!! Amazing. Over a million steps. And to have done it twice in a lifetime is both an accomplishment and a blessing. One foot in front of the other, an adventure unfolds. Congratulations! XO Chantal