Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sept. 7th
Walked from Boadillo to Carrion de Los Condes 29.0 km.
We started walking at 6:30 and were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise, and again shipped the pack forward so the walking was fine and as Norbert's blisters are healing, we can enjoy the scenery. Today we mostly waked with Doris and Ilka from Germany, the fast walking ladies. 
I reported earlier that thy do 40 km. per day but that was wrong, thy walk about the same pace as we. There are two routes to arrive at Carrion, one along the freeway and the original one along the canal which is longer, we took the canal route and it was very quiet and few pilgrims.
Arrived at our destination before 2pm. We are in the same Auberge where I stayed last time for 3 days to recuperate.  Wanted to do some shopping for food as tomorrow we have a stretch of 18 km with no opportunity for food or water but there is a fiesta and all stores are closed. The la k of sanitary facilities is sometimes harder than the lack of food. Did not see Bev from New Zeeland for a few days and Kees from Holland as well. That is how the Camino goes, hope to see them all in Santiago.

Sept. 9th. Today we walked with Ilka and Doris, 30 km. to Moratinos. Norbert's blisters are better thanks to the treatment from Doris and not carrying a pack for a few day's, so tomorrow it is back to full weight. 
Hugs to all 
Norbert and Greti


  1. Mooie foto's, jullie moeten veel getraind hebben om zo'n prestatie te leveren. Lijkt ons een mooie ervaring, maar ik zou het niet kunnen opbrengen.

  2. Nice to hear from you, Home all is well. The blisters are healing and we took one day rest in Leon, tomorrow we will forge ahead.
    Hugs and Love.

  3. Hi Greti, are you on the Camino again? I am, too! Went to your blog to look up your past pilgrimage and saw your recent updates. You are ahead of us and going much faster. We are limited to 20k per day as I am doing it with a fractured ankle plus the other ankle recently got out of a cast. Buen Camino.
    Li from knitting group