Thursday, September 17, 2015

September 17th.
Today we made it over O'Cebreiro and Alto de Polo 1335 meters. Started out in the dark and rain, very foolish, half way up there was a "Bar" were the fireplace was roaring, that gave us 
A chance to dry out and warm up. Around noon it stopped raining and the sun came out but it was still cool. I do not know what was harder, up or down the mountain. We are now in the province of Galicia and it looks like Switzerland, green and lush.
Got an auberge in Triacastela, only 4 beds to a room but a long way to the lady's bathroom.
No WiFi at the auberge so we are sitting at a restaurant, both of us with our tablets, then we

complain about the young kids with their phones.
For the last few day's it was fun to watch how people try to stay dry, some are very inventive. 
The main concern are the feet, then the backpack.  When we get to the auberge we line up for the dryer, then stuff our booths with newspaper then shower then dinner and yesterday we were lucky, someone had a guitar and got everyone singing, amazing the talent that comes out. Then off to sleep and repeat next day.
Tomorrow we go to Sarria.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti

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  1. brrr. My feet are cold just reading this. I hope you have found some sun now.