Friday, November 27, 2015

After having a very nice weekend in Saquaremas we said goodbye to Thyago and Hariel.
Out right rear tire had a slow leak and got it fixed then drove on to Buzios where we spent a few nice days last time, even got the same parking spot. Today we made it to Guarapari and are camped at Camping Cllub Do Brazzil. We are following the east coast of Brazil, as our next destination is Salvador and then Chapada de Diamantina. Had an overcast day, just perfect for traveling. The countryside is lush and green with lots of coffer and banana plantations.
Met Overlanders from the UK who are on the road for 4  years. Our camping has no WiFi, so we asked the hotel across the street if we could use theirs, so we met Fabio the owner, he has also lived in the USA,Boston for some years and moved back to Brazil and manages his Hotel.
Very nice place, steps from the beach. Reveillon Trancoso. Did all my shopping and laundry so we are ready for takeoff.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti 
 Left Guarpari in slight rain, passed through Vila Vella and Vitoria, ver modern and clean towns, traffic was nice and orderly, I think this is the first time in South America that people followed traffic rules and were even courteous. Also there was no litter and no graffiti.
It goes to show that it is possible. Had our repaired tire repaired again as there was still a slow leak, it is good now. Then we got our air conditioning recharged which took 2.5 hours so we did not reach ur destination and are now parked at a Schell station for the nite. Tomorrow on to Puerto SEGUROS.
Norbert and Greti 

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