Friday, November 20, 2015


Finally have insurance, but it is incredible the runaround  and jumping though hoops we had to do to get it.
Got the address for the office downtown and after a crazy bus ride in heavy traffic were told that the office is no longer there. Walked to the new location only to be told thy can not sell insurance to non Brazilians. Finally ended up buying insurance with Sergio's name and SIN# then back downtown to get the papers and next morning to the bank to pay as the office can not accept payment. Bank opens late and big lineup but everything done and at noon we were ready to go. Next we had to get Propane, another big hassle. Sergio had talked to the owner of the propane depot and we should be there at 1pm. After a hairy ride  from Rio to Oxtaba, outskirts of Rio we made it on time only to be told that thy can not sell to foreigners and also the truck was not in. Waited for one hour and finally got propane with Sergis SIN#. all of the above in 35 degrees heat. Finally we were

on our way to Saquaremas and arrived at Hariels and Thyago's place whom we had met last year. Spend a nice evening with them and Thyago's parents. Today we spent the day with our hosts Thyago and Hariel and as thy had to leave for Rio for two days we have the use of the house. Nice relaxing for two days and the use of the dune buggy and air conditioning in the bedroom plus showers. What luxury.
Took a ride on the beach in the buggy and now Norbert is eyeing a new hobby, papagliding with motor. We will go tomorrow and have another look.
Hugs to all from
Norbert and Greti

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  1. Hallo zusammen, habe gerade mal nachgesehen ob ihr schon unterwegs seid und voila´you are.
    Werden euch wieder auf eueren Abenteuern begleiten. Der Anfang ist ja schon vielversprechend. Good to have and make friends everywhere.
    Wünschen euch viel Spass. Wir fliegen am Sonntag heim und freuen uns darauf. Die drei Monate waren ratzfatz rum. Good Look weiterhin...........Rita und Guenter