Friday, November 13, 2015

Back to Brazil.

we arrived in Rio after a 17 hour flight via Los Angeles and Houstn.
This year we have taken 6 flights and been on 15 airplanes, you get to know which airline has the best and worst legroom.
we were worried that we would have trouble with custum's as We each had auto springs and shocks plus a bunch of other auto parts in our suitcases. On arrival all luggage has to go though extray and sure enough the machine stopped instantly and all had a puzzled look on their faces when our luggage went though.
Then the main Chefe came over to have a look.
We were told it is illegal to bring in any car parts, thy can only enter the country via a shipping company. After Norbert did some explaining and sweet talking he let us take the parts at no cost or any delay. What a reliev,
Sergio was waiting for us and took us for lunch and then to his summerhouse and the Blue Wonder.
My thorough cleaning last spring paid off, not a speck of mould and no insects. So it was home sweet home right away.
Today we are in Rio and Norbert got the springs and shocks installed and also an oil change.
While he was busy with that, I went with Anna to the Collegio Babtista where she does volunteer work with the children from the fawelas. What a wonderful job these people do. The kids get breakfast when thy arrive and then help in Math or whatever needed, then some music with dansing
and crafts. After that a hot lunch and then thy go off to regular school. There are about 30 to 40 kids from age 4 to 14. I had a wonderful time with them.
We still need to get insurance for the car, so will have to Waite until Monday.
Thank you all for your mails.
Big Hugs from Hot Rio.
Norbert and Greti


  1. Glad you made it with no troubles. Safe travels!

  2. It was your lucky day :) Customs and car all good. Have fun!

  3. Thanks for the reply, always nice to connect with home and friends. Still no insurance but working on it.