Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Part 2 of the adventure

Well it is time again to prepare for part two.
We had a very busy summer with lots of sunshine, visiting friends and family,  British Columbia is especially beautiful when the sun shines.
In June I visited my family in Holland and there attended a concert of Andre Riou in his hometown of
Maastricht. At Karli's house we all got together and had a feast of plum dumplings and could not get them quite as good as mom used to make them, but lots of fun with all brothers and sisters together.
 Brother Walter with grandson Daniel came to Canada for a visit and we went fishing in Tofino with great   Success.
Now we are working on the logistics of all we need to take with us to outfit the Blue Wonder.
We would need 10 ply tiers and can get then at a good price here but the shipping is very expensive, so we will have to buy the tiers in Argentina but thy have only 6 ply. We did get a new  right lower ball joint.
Getting the visa for Brazil was a hassle, thy wanted more information than revenue Canada, but we did finally get it. It is so much easier to pack the camper here in Vancouver were I can look what we need and go to Safeway or the Deli and get all the familiar things. No room in the backpack for Tim Hortons coffee. Oh well, Argentina has good coffee too. We spent one week in Palm Springs to get the Casita ready and rented for the season as we will not be using it, so we got a little foretaste of warmer weather.
We leave November 10th for Buenos Aires and grandson Keaton will look after our home here.
Hugs to you all and the next blog will be from Argentina.

Clouds in Holland

better meal

good catch
Concert in Maastricht

the 3 sisters and baby brother

Making plum dumplings as mothers used to make, not quite the same but lots of fun

two working and lots watching

and lots of unwanted advice from the rest of the family


  1. Bon Voyage! I look forward to following your adventure.

  2. Nice to know you will follow my blog, and thanks for the comment
    Hugs Greti

  3. Hallo.....da sind wir wieder dabei, natürlich. Leider hat es mit einem Telefonat nicht geklappt, mal wart ihr nicht da..dann wieder wir nicht. Aber seid sicher, dass wir euch nicht vergessen haben und mit Spannung eure neuen Abenteuer erwarten werden.
    Liebe Grüße aus Florida von Rita u. Günter

  4. Hello Explorers! Not too good at keeping track of the dates so completely missed your departure. Wanted to phone and wish you well so... this message will need to do. Wishing you as successful a trip as your first one. Keep safe, healthy and happy! We're looking forward to following your trip via blog and SPOT! Good luck on your travels! Gruesse, L & M (Coquitlam)

  5. Greti, we wisten niet dat je al weg was. wist wel dat het in november zou zijn dus keek ik op jullie spot. Heel goeie reis van ons allemaal