Thursday, November 20, 2014

Almost Uruguay

Almost Uruguay.
Nov. 17. Stocked up the R.V.  With all the necessary food and got everything in its place and the fridge working well. So we are good for a few weeks.
November 18th. We picked up Brenda and Rick at the Airport Eseiza and drove out to Lago Lobos where their R.V. was stored. Found it in order but for a little mould here and there. Then drove in tandem to Lujan. Lujan has a beautiful Basilica and every Argentinian will visit this Basilica at least once in his life. Norbert was there at age 14 with school. Not much changed since then. Found a campground just outside of Lujan with the very basic facilities and as the campground three weeks ago was flooded over the picnic tables the ground was barely dry.
In the early morning there was a big thunderstorm and very heavy rain so we hurried out before we get stuck in the mud. All afternoon and this morning Rick was franticly looking for his auto import paper and can not find it. We drove to the border of Uruguay and first the Blue Wonder got inspected, I did not know that all meat, dairy, vegetable and fruit is prohibited. So much for stocking up. After the inspector saw all the food I had of which non was allowed he took a bag of carrots and said he had to take something out and I should hide the rest. We could now proceed to Uruguay as all our papers were in order but Rick could not exit Argentina until he has a copy of his auto import. For that he has to go to Gualeguaychu to the main aduana office and see if thy can request a copy from the port where we entered Argentina March 26, 2014. So back in to Argentina and the nice custom man even retuned my carrots. So now we are in Gualeguaychu and tomorrow morning we will be at the custom office at 8.0am and hope all goes well. We have to stay in Uruguay for 24 hours before we can reenter Argentina, so I stored all my edibles in the fridge here in the campground office. Hope it will be there when we get back, the meat is not so important but the Salami, unsalted butter, and very good prochuitto  will be hard to replace.
Pictures will follow.
Hugs to all 
Norbert and Greti
Last Supper

Brenda and Hendrik at Lago Lobos

Basilica of Lujan

Parilla, Barbrque

Lineup at Gas Station

Bridge to the border crossing

In to Uruguay


  1. Here is to nice inspectors! Great story.

  2. Greti your friendly smile worked out great for your veggies and meat :) Bet you your upcoming meals with these ingredients will taste even better. Enjoy! Eet smakelijk.