Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nov. 22, 2014

November 21/22, 2014
We spent a nice day in Colonia, first to find internet, then some sightseeing and very little shopping as prices are out of this world. One litre of gasoline $2.00 US. And a hamburger $12.00. 
Rick wanted to find the place where he can store the camper for next season as he will return to Canada in January, and all of a sudden a blond lady came running to the Van and wanted to know  if we needed a place to store the camper, turns out she is the owner of the ranch where most overlanders store their  rigs and the place Rick was looking for. Small world.
Rain in the afternoon and all nite. We went to the ranch to check out the storage, there were about 9 rigs there waiting for the owners to return or be sold. Sandra is the owner of Molina Azul and looks after the campers very well. Today the 22nd. We again headed for internet and then drove back to Argentina, border crossing went swift, nothing like in Central America, all very professional. When we passed though de town of Dolores we went to see the fountain and took some pictures, a lady asked us if she can put on the waterworks for us, when we said yes 3 minutes later the fountain was working . Where in the western world will the put on a fountain for 4 tourists.
these are the ladies at the tourist office

Alicias book.
Sandra from Molino Azul where Rick will store his camper

Enrique with thermos and MateAdd caption

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fountain with no water

fountain with water

the kind ladies who turned on the waterAdd caption

What to do if you have no money for medical help
Now we are back in Gualeguachu and all my meat, vegetables and cold cuts are safe in my fridge.
Met again Enrique who is from Uruguay and had an accident with his motorbike and is stuck here til he can ride again, he has torn tendons in his knee but no money for medical treatment. We tried to help out a little and I gave him some of my emergency painkillers which gave him some relief. Also met Alicia and husband, who was born in USA but now lives in Argentina, she just published a children's boook and is also a painter. Again we are at the tourist office and the ladies want to come with us, norbert would like it but then there is no room for me. So it is a no go.
We are now on our way to Mendoza and from there will go south.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti.


  1. thank goodness for our canadian medical system eh? That splint looks, well, barbaric!

  2. omi opa looks like you guys are having a great trip so far the weather in vancouver is rainy as always looks like you guys are getting all the good weather but safe travels and lots of love from me and madison

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  4. Love the fountain with water pic and the fact that the lovely ladies were willing to turn it on :)
    Cheers Lianne