Friday, November 14, 2014

On the way

Left Vancouver Nov. 10th. And had a good flight  to Dallas where we had a layover of 5 hours.
We were called to the ticket counter to show our reciprocity receipt. Lo and behold, Norbert had his but mine is nowhere to be fount and without you can not board the plane.
We had paid for it in March in Bolivia with a lot of trouble, but now my problem was bigger.
Right away our suitcases were put aside and we were told to phone Argentina tomorrow. I tried to phone the Consulate on a public phone to no avail as Buenos Aires is 5 hours ahead.
At the last moment the ticket agent came over to see what she could do, and we decided to pay for a new one.
10 minutes before departure I had the new receipt and paid another $92.00  and will ask for a refund when we are  in Argentina.

 Arrived in Buenos Aires on time and Manfred and Chola picked us up,had a quick nap and went to see the Blue Wonder which was a little dusty but otherwise fine. When I saw the Blue Wonder if felt like seeing an old friend again and a little like home. Next morning Norbert had the brakes
train ride to downtown

Helpful Cristina at Integrity Insurance

The Liberty 

City Center Buenos Aires

fixed and washed the Van and I took stock of what we need in the department of food, so grocery shopping is in order. Today we got insurance, Christina at  Insurance was very helpful and to top it off served us a very tasty Cafe Cortada. Then off to Immigration to request a refund for the Reciprocity fee I had to pay in Dallas. There are so many offices at immigration but everybody was very helpful and Laure who is in charge of reciprocity had it sorted out in no time and we will have the refund in 30 days. Amazing how friendly everybody is. As last time, we went by bus and train as this is the most efficient way to see Buenos Aires. Hopefully we will have more time at the end of our trip to really explore the city. We will meet our friends Brenda and Rick on Nov. 18 and then head for Uruguay to export the Blue Wonder as the 8 month permit expires on the 20th. then import her again so we will be good for a few months.
We hope everybody in Canada keeps warm and our friends south cool.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti.
Just in case others need the info.

Reunion and loving care.

Lets look at the breaks.

One working 3 looking.

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  1. I love that last picture that says 'add caption' first response is....did you put all the parts back after fixing the brakes? lol. Safe travels and glad the reciprocity fee will be reimbursed and you didn't miss your flight. Your blue wonder looks, well, wonderful!

  2. Glad to see you made it there safe and sound! Also great to see that both Manfred and the Blue Wonder are in good shape!! Take care!!

  3. Na das hört sich doch gut an. Freut mich, dass ihr sicher angekommen seid. Sagt liebe Grüsse to Mamfred und Chola, er sieht gut aus. Ich freue mich auch, dass THE BLUE WONDER noch da ist und es vertraut weiter gehen kann. Liebe Grüsse von Otto und Gudrun soll ich ausrichten.
    Wir sind noch bis 30.11. in Florida und erleben gerade eine Kaltfront hier. NUR 15 Grad C.