Monday, April 7, 2014


Are we in Argentina?

I tried to chase the dog away but he would not budge

Our first Asado in Argeentina

Ruta 40 got another victim
Beautiful landscape, bad road

Passed the electrical inspection?

april 3rd.
Traveled from Salta to Cachi, found a nice camping with a very big pool which we used as it was quite hot. At the entrance of town is a nice restaurant that had Asado de Cabra (baby goat) very good.
We are meeting more people who started in Argentina or Brazil and are now going the opposite direction and asking lots of questions about border crossing and shipping. Here in Argentina we do not stick out so much but we still get approached and asked questions. Prices are the same or more than in Canada, gasoline is at. $1.50 per liter.
Visited the town of Cafayate where we spent one extra day there are nice restaurants and Ice cream Parlours and the Artisan shops are fantastic.
Then on to Jesus Maria which is very close to Cordoba then over the mountain again on a dirt road to La Cumbre where we are now parked at a river in an upscale neighbourhood  just at the edge of town, the police has passed twice and waved so we presume thy will keep an eye on us. Tomorrow we will go to La Falda and see if we can meet up with Sarah and Daniel from Kelowna who are on a motorcycle tour for the past year. It would be nice to see them.
We booked our flight to Vancouver for the 15th, of April and will be home on the 16th.
Thanks to all who were concerned that we would be affected by the earthquake, we are safe and sound 
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti


  1. The journey almost coming to an end.... I can imagine how strange it will be for you to be back home! Driving, shoping, your own shower and bed! It will be a shock!
    You have had an amazing journey, can't wait to hear more, and hope the last little bit of it still keeps you safe!
    love Chantal

  2. I have been following your blog and enjoying the pictures and I can't wait to hear your impressions of your journey when you get back. Safe travels until then.


  3. Geweldig dat jullie het gehaald hebben, wat een indrukken. Mooie foto's en een houvast zodat je het opnieuw kunt beleven en verwerken. Goeie thuisreis.
    Walter en Tiny

  4. Clement and Patricia and Merlin from France will be in South America until June or July. I am stunned you are flying home to Vancouver in a week-or-so. No mention about the fate of the Blue Wonder your home-away-from-home. Will you sell it or are you flying home for a break-in-the-action and will fly back to resume your travels in a month or so. I may have missed this explanation. Smiles from Cap and Patti in Alaska ..