Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bolivia / Argentina

Bus crash, lucky no injuries
young entrepreneurs making money for school 

what thread?
The Salar.
Today the 25th. Of March we are just back from a 4 day tour of the Reserva Eduardo  Avaroa park and the Salt Flats.
The tour is with a 4x4 jeep with driver and cook and 4 passengers. As Brenda and Hendrick arrived on Thursday nite late we booked the trip to start on Saturday.
Left Tupiza at 8 am. And drove through wonderful valleys and parks. Saw lots of lamas and vicunas and passed green Lake, white Lake, and red Lake, and the water of these lakes really has that colour.  The most impressive were the salt flats and the salt Hostal, there also is a salt Hotel but that is not included in the tour as it is quite expensive. Tuesday morning at 5 am. We walked up Isla Incahuasi to see the sunrise and have breakfast on the salar. Driving an the salt looks and feels the same as on a frozen lake. On our return to Tupiza we met Patricia, Clement and Merlin who are part of the Indispensables Team. The only ones missing were Manfred and Monika and the team would have been complete. Funny to meet up after more than two months. Today March 26th. We crossed in to Argentina, arrived at the border at 9am. And were told that the Visa fee of $150.00 can only be paid online. So off we went to find Internet, after being sent in all directions we bumped in to the Argentine Consulate and no, you can not pay the fee there, only online, and no we could not use their computer as their Internet is barely working. We finally did find Internet and marched back to the border with our printed receipt and after another 3 hours were in Argentina. The roads are better here and everything is cleaner. Tomorrow we will go to Salta and do some shopping to fill the larder.
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti
Isla Incahuasi

an Island in the middle of the salt flats


Flags of the countries who participated in the Dakar Race, we wrote a message on our Canadian Flag

Half of the Indispensables

Yes someone lives here

Good food, good setting

monument made of salt


  1. We willl be in La Falda 60 Km north of Cordoba for the month of April so we will see you soon!!

  2. What a fun photo of you standing in Norbert's hand with your hand on his shoulder out on the salt flats .. wonderful .. we two howled .. Cap and Patti ..

  3. Great pics especially the one you on Norbert's hand. Never seen a landscape like this before and it's amazing. You guys are so lucky :)