Friday, April 11, 2014

Buenos Aires

Just had an email from Cap and Patti, and he mentioned that it was not clear from our blog that we will continue the jouney in November. We had a few more people question us about this.
We will fly to Vancouver April 15th and we have a return ticket for November 10th 2014.
We did not finish our trip as fall cougth up with us and it is too late to travel southern Argentina and Ushuaia.  Also we are looking at traveling to Chile and Brazil.
It is amazing how much there is to discover.
For now we are beiing s

poilt by Norbert's brother and his wife Elena and her sister Chola. Thy are cooking all our favorite meals like Matambre, Empanadas, and today we had a huge Asado with lots of chimijury. Life is good.
Hugs to All
Norbert and Greti


  1. Hallo, ganz liebe Gruesse an Manfred, Elena und Chola. Es ist schoen, sie wenigstens auf Bildern wieder zu sehen. Das war bestimmt ein Freudenfest für Sie alle euch mal wieder bei einem koestlichen Asado u.v.m. am Tisch zu haben.
    Koennt ihr dort euer "Blaues Wunder" unterstellen bis im November ??
    Euch wuensche ich einen Guten Flug nach Hause. Lasst uns dann mal wieder "ausgiebig" telefonieren. LG Rita und Guenter

  2. We like the clarification in this post as to your plans. It never occurred to us that 'down there' in the tip of South America that winter is coming to visit and you simply had to .. as a snow-bird does .. fly back to the warmer weather. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this update. My (Cap speaking here) web mistress and my web master (one for each of my two web sites) STRONGLY SUGGEST that I remain active with occasional posts even though I am NOT traveling and AM sitting still (somewhat frustrated by-the-way) in Alaska BECAUSE (lacking some updates on the two web sites as-to-our lives) those who follow along with us will just disappear. I KNOW .. it is in-a-way hard to realize that others truly are interested in our adventures. Smiles and Joy as Easter approaches we pray you have a safe flight north .. from Cap and Patti ..

    For one thing .. as Gullible does in .. gullible-gulliblestravels .. you have a wealth of photos and stories that you have NOT-yet-shared with your followers that NOW you can share in your leisure in Vancouver. I MARVEL at Norbert keeping the Blue Wonder running! More Smiles .. Cap and Patti ..