Thursday, April 17, 2014

Home sweet Home

We spent the last week in Buenos Aires and found covered parking for the Blue Wonder close to Norbert's brother which made cleaning and packing very convenient as I could do laundry and thourough cleaning of the camper. The cleaning is important so as not to attract mould.
Went shopping on Avenida Scalabibi Ortiz which is famous for its yarn shops. It really is utopia for a knitter as not only the grand variety of yarns but also prices are less than half compared to Canada.
We took the bus, train and metro there and that in itself is an experience, Buenos Aires is very cosmopolitan and elegant. Our flight was at 10pm and we were lucky to have a row of 4 seats to ourself so I slept 7 of the 11 hour flight and our luggage was put though to Vancouver so the stopover in Dallas was easy. Arrived in Vancouver at 12.45pm. As scheduled . Our son Eric was to pick us up but was not there, when we phoned him he was still home in Gibsons which is a one hour ferry ride to Vancouer. He had mistaken the time for 12.45 am. No problem, we did 27,000 km. so far and the
last few we could manage as well. We took the sky train
Yes men work at this yarn shop as well

Very big selection 

Can it get any better?
Outdated trains

Our sendoff party of 9, I could not figure out how we all could fit in to the Pickup, no problem, just put some lawn chairs in the box and hold on. 
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sky train station Vancouver Airport

Balancing act 1

Balancing act 2
Norbert felt right at home in Belgrano (beer)

The Blue Woner looking a little worse for the wear.

I was checking if he would turn in to a prince, dont know what I would do if he did.

Market in San Blas Mexico
Train Station in Constitution Buenos Aires
 to waterfront then the sea bus to North Vancouver were our grandson Keaton met us an took us home. Now we will have to adjust to Vancouver life and digest the last 5 months and tank up new energy for November to continue the adventure.
Thank you to all our family and friends and all our new friends we made on this journey for your encouragement and support and please stay in touch.
One lesson I learned on this journey is that people everywhere are wonderful and the world is amazing.
Big hug to you all.
Norbert and Greti



  1. Welcome home! Hugs Rob, Lianne and Nick

  2. Following along on your trip in South America was really super! I, and my wife, Claudia live in California and Clement, Patrica and Merlin stayed with us in Apple Valley (So. Calif) last November 2013 during their romp across the States. Cap and Patti are friends, and Cap and I have been great buddies for over 38 years when we met in Germany in 1977 - we are both civil
    engineers working in Germany. We were impressed how you handled those roads (paths); steep grades, made auto repairs and managed to travel while overcoming some tough situations (and smiled all the way!)! Your pictures and stories were great, interesting, and enjoyed reading all your tales and experiences during your trip! Welcome home... jim

  3. Nice to meet you Jim and thank you kind comments. So now I know the father of Blaze.we met many wonderful people during our travels and Clement with family are high on that list. How long were you in German and do you and Cap speak German?
    I will follow Cap's advise and blog a few times over the summer and as we have a starting date for part 2 pick up again in Buenos Aires. Just between us I was not smiling all the time.
    Again nice to meet.
    Norbert and Greti

  4. Hi Norbert and Greti, I worked in Germany about 25 years and Cap about 6 years. However I had projects in Belgium, Holland, Italy, France, Greece and Turkey over the many years that I was in Europe. In Germany our contracts were in English and German; and most Germans liked to speak English which I went along with! I get by ok, you get spoiled when everyone wants to speak English. I believe Cap can get by - barely! Ha! Cap and I call each other quite often, especially during the Stanley Cup playoffs and in contact by email. We will continue to follow your adventures - great stuff!! You two are very adventurous!

  5. Too 'NIFTY' seeing 'Zilla appear up in comments! .. NIFTY is one of 'Zilla's favorite sayings .. YES! Jim IS the Father of Blaze .. great! I do hope you will keep us posted on your web site off and on as the summer progresses. We really enjoyed this post. I still can NOT believe your journey. I believe that .. being married to a German lady who is a professional translator Jim speaks far more Deutsch than do I .. but I could get-around with my street German. It is amazing how one can speak a language and NOT HAVE A CLUE about the written language and its grammar .. Smiles .. Cap and Patti ..

  6. So great to have found this blog as I hope to do the Camino for my 60th birthday. You have a great spirit, grateful pilgrim!

    1. Thanks for the comment, doing the Camino is great for the Spirit.