Monday, March 10, 2014

Lake Titicaca

We spent one week in Cusco, did get some needed things done, me to the dentist and stocking up on supplies, I found a good french bakery and now my freezer is full of french bread. Norbert did get the brakes done and a wheel alignment and also oil change. We had to go back to the break shop to get the new breaks adjusted again, left Sunday morning for Puno, lake Titicaca  360 km. on a very good highway. It actually feels strange to drive on a smooth surface again. After 60 km. Norbert noticed that the breaks were overheating so we pulled in to a gas station and Norbert jacked up the car and adjusted the breaks himself. After 3. Hours and a lot of sweat  and not so nice language and a few attacks by the resident turkey we were on the road again. Driving for another 80 km, the front end started vibrating and Norbert knew it was the universal joint which was repaired awhile back, lucky Norbert had a spare so again we pulled in to a gas station and the attendant lend us some tools and Norbert replaced the part. 1.5 hours later we were on our way again. 
50 km later we were stopped by the police to check if we have SOAT ( insurance) we do so off we went only to be pulled over a little later by the same cops as one of them had noticed that we do not have a front licence plate (Norbert forgot to put it behind the windshield)  possibly a 430.00 Soles fine to be paid in Cusco. We ended up paying 50.00 Soles and the officer even helped glue the licence plate to the windshield and we were on our way. It is amazing how fast the kilometres go when you have good roads. I think I have forgotten what normal driving is. We are now at Lake Titicaca in the parking for RV's of the hotel Posada del Inca.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti.
Territorial Turky

Painting in the museum of Puno

This is the other side of Puno not so nice

Combination traditional and new

fixing the driveshaft with almost no tools

Norbert with three German Lady's

Ingrid and Felipe from Chile were on the boat with us.

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Fixing the breaks.

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  1. Amazing how you are able to cope with driveshaft issues and brakes .. and getting dental work done .. Smiles from Cap and Patti in Alaska ..