Friday, March 21, 2014


la Paz.
We spent 5 days in La Paz, did some sight seeing and shopping . Went to the valley of the moon and the views from the top are phenomenal.
We also biked the Ruta de la Muerte, one of the worlds most dangerous roads.  If it had not been for the rain it would have been even better. Norbert got though without wipeout and I only wiped out 3 times. I must remember to look where I do want to go and not where I do not want to go. I should know that by now. We left Brenda and Hendrick in La Paz asBrenda had a little spill as well and broke a tooth so had to see a dentist in La Paz to get a crown on the broken tooth. We will meet up with them in Tupiza to do a Salar tour of 4 days.we traveled from La Paz to Potosi and from there to Tarija. Our map showed us a paved road from Tarija to Topiza, but when we asked for directions we were told that this road does no longer exist and we had to backtrack 50 km. to what should have been a good road. It took us 6 hours to do 144 km. and white knuckle all the way. Again one lane only with big trucks and at times barely wide enough for our Van let alone big trucks.
Arrived in Tupiza at 6pm. and found a Hostal with parking for the Blue Wonder. 
Met up with Pascal and Florent from Montreal who are part of the Indispensables team. It is nice ti meet after two months. Had a nice breakfast with them, and now thy are on the hunt for used tiers. Hoping that Brenda and Hendrick will arrive tomorrow so we can book our tour for saturday.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti

lots of fruit but no vegetables

entrance to the town of Oruro


  1. My gosh Woman!!!!! Each time I read of your latest challenge, I am more impressed with your abilities. There are only a small percentage of the people in the world who could accomplish what you and Norbert are doing.
    Your courage and determination are remarkable. Our prayers and wishes for continues safe travels. Big Hugs to you both, Kathy & Howard

  2. He, das sind ja immer noch fast 2000 km bis Buenos Aires.
    Die Bilder mit den Bikes sind ja der Hammer. Niemals nicht hätte ich mich das getraut !!
    Viel Spass noch auf dem Rest der Reise.
    - Extra Gruss von Freddy und Rita: die zeigen am Montag den dritten Teil ihrer Weltreise "Südamerika". Da werden wir sicher einige Stellen wiedersehen, die ihr auch in euren Berichten erwähnt habt. Besonders freue ich mich auf die Aufnahmen von Machu Picchu. Gruss RiGü

  3. Riding bicycles .. you 'only' wiped out three times .. and an associate broke a tooth and had a crown put onto the broken tooth .. Oh-My! .. Smiles from Cap and Patti in Alaska ..

  4. Greti back in time when Rob was an instructor at our motorcycle riding school the first lesson taught was look towards the direction you are going NEVER towards where you don't want to be :) I guess after this experience you will never forget. Love your adventures and admire your spirit for taking on challenges like this one.