Sunday, March 15, 2015

Beach in Saquarema


Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Nazareth

How much better can it get?

This is were we met Thyago and Hariel

Beach in Saqurema
Hariel making lunch

Packing up the Blue Wonder

The fish was prepared in 4 ways, deep fried, boiled, smoked and grilled, thank you Ana and Sergio
one last inspection before we close the door for 7 months

Drove down to the coast and parked right on the beach and had a wonderful quiet nite.
Woke up by the noise of people taking pictures of the Blue Wonder. Had breakfast and as we were looking for WiFi in town we met Thyago and Hariel who speak english and had lived in the USA for some years.
After talking for a few minutes we were invited to their home for a shower and WiFi. which we gladly accepted. Not only did we get internet and a shower but I could do my laundry and Ariel even has a dryer, which is a rarity here. We also were able to print out our flight information, and to top it off Hariel cooked us a wonderful lunch. Thank you again Thyago and Hariel, you made our day.
We met up with Waldeck and Debora and thy showed us the way to Ana and Sergio's place where we will store the Blue Wonder until November 2015.
Today March the 15th. We are in Niterói in the Plaza Hotel.
We parked the Blue Wonder at the summerhouse of Sergio and Ana were we had the place to ourself and could remove all edibles from the camper and give it a very good cleaning, as any dirt left will turn mouldy over the next months. Also gave away some things we do not need, and packed all the things we need to take home.
Ana and Sergio with Gustavo (their son) and his girlfriend Karin arrived and cooked us a wonderful dinner. Waldeck drove us to our hotel and today we met up with Thibaut and Renata (the couple who donated the tickets to Carnaval)  and had lunch and a walk on the beach with them. Of all our travels, Brazil ranks at the top, the people are open and very helpful with a wonderful curiosity. We have made so many friends here and look forward to return in November.
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti

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  1. Liebe Greti
    Immer wieder las ich deine Einträge und immer besser verstehe ich, was geschrieben ist. Meine Englischkenntnisse verbessern sich 😉
    Herzliche Grüsse aus dem frühlingshaften Zürich