Sunday, March 15, 2015

From Guarapari we went to Manhuaçu where we found a good parking for the nite at a shell gas station.
While in town looking for a bank, passersby stopped and wanted to see the camper,and asked questions of our travels.. Lucas and his girlfriend wanted to see the inside and as we were talking more and more people gathered and took pictures of us and the camper. everybody tried to show us the best rout to Diamantine, we did in the end follow the advise of a truck driver. The drive is slow but the scenery is spectacular.
Stopped for a short rest at a ALE gas station and met Sandro and his wife.
Thy both had worked in the USA for 10 years and with the money saved came back to Brazil and opened a business and now employ 14 people. We were invited for a coffee and to spend the weekend at his ranch. We are now in Serro, 60km. Short of Diamantine. Again a crowd of young boys surround us and we are impressed with the intelligent questions thy ask. I gave them all a Canadian Quarter as a souvenir, and a little later one of the boys gave me a Brazilian quarter as a souvenir. There is a party in town so I hope we will get some sleep.
March 7, music stooped at 10pm. So we did have a quiet nite. Arrived in Diamantina and had a hard time finding the camping place. Narrow and steep cobbled streets make interesting driving, where I think we will never get through, a car still passes us. Perception from the passenger side must be different. We did find the camping, a very nice spot and only 10 minutes walk in to the historic centre, mind you, a very steep walk.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti
Lucas and friends discussing the best route to Diamantina

More admirers of the Blue Wonder 

Sandro's wife served us a delicious cup of coffee

Hebert, Rian, Lucas and Vinicius in the town of Serro. gave me a Brazilian quarter for a souvenir.

Church in Diamantina

This is our 10 minute walk in to town

Our Van made it through

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