Friday, November 15, 2013


We left Palm Springs monday the 11-11-13 and made it to Organ pipe cactus national monument.
The next day we crossed the border in to Mexico. We were the only people there and were done in  15 minutes, Norbert made friends with the Aduana so that took some time. At Pitiquito we also were the only ones. There and done in no time. As you can see Norbert now feels handycapt.
That day we drove un til Hermosillas and spent the nite parked at the Pemex. It was very hot and did not cool off at nite. Did see one single Motorhome heading south. Traveled hyghway 16 towards Chihuahua, what a beautiful route that is, very windy but the scenery is well worth it. Then on to Copper Canyon, we wanted to see it many times but never took the time so now our curiosity is satisfied. It was interesting to chat with the artisans, the Indigenous girls do have a hard life but seem very happy. It rained while we were there so we did not go down. We spent the nite parked at the Mirador. Today we drove to Delicias. En route we were behind a logging truck and the logs were only  secured by a chain. As we had a steep incline ahead of us I was happy Norbert could pass him before that.
Gildardo and Matha met us at Walmat and guided us to their home. After taking a wonderful shower we went out for dinner, and now have WiFi and can read our mail and connect with friends.
Hope everyone is well and til our next blog.
Norbert and Greti


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