Saturday, November 2, 2013

Arrive in Palm Springs

Arrived in Palm Springs Nov. 2nd. At 2:0 pm. Traffic was O.K. The only busy section was the Hwy. 210 but then that is always hairy. Gasoline prices varied from $ 3.09 in Oregon to $ 3.65 in California.  Saw a beautiful sunrise this morning, and a double wide mobile home being towed, only in America.
Now we are settled in our Palm Springs casa for a few days as Otto and Gudrun from Germany is visiting here on Nov. 5th. for a few days and then we will head south to Delicias to visit Hildarda and Martita and then to Lo De. And further south.
We will blog again when we start moving. Thank you for your mail.
Hugs and Saludos.
Norbert and Greti


  1. Ok then , now I know where you are and I will be waiting for your signal to restart
    One more time, nice pictures ........and further more nice feeling to travel with you both
    It is hot here and last night we had a tropical storm ..........interesting experience
    Big hug for you
    Enjoy your casita

  2. It is Wednesday , early in the morning and I just open the spot and I saw you crossing the border........Am I right ?
    Get your jacket ready , Chiguagua is cold today (4C)

  3. Sorry , I mean Chihuahua
    Big hug to Martita and Gildardo