Sunday, November 17, 2013


Today Sunday the 17th.
Having a good time with Gildardo and Marta, had "gorditas" for lunch,  very good and tasty, and attracted some curiosity from other "diners" as I did not understand the ingredients and Marta had to explain them to me so we had to tell we are from Canada and answer questions about our trip.
Then drove out to their cabana on a very rough road. Passed a Pecan orchard where the farmers were picking the nuts. Got encircled by a herd of cows. Then ended up with a flat tire and Gildardo had no jack in the car, so had to borrow one and Norbert got on the ground and had it fixed in no time.
Tomorrow we will visit Chihuahua and leave for Lo de Marcos on tuesday.
Til then Big Hug
Norbert and Greti
Preparing gorditas

Surrounded by dirty cows

Greetings from Greti.


  1. Dear Greti & Norbert, looking good !
    You guys are a good example how it should be. Have a nice and save trip and remember........
    you are being followed. (by Clan de la Tour, Gouda, Holland xxx)

  2. Hi, da seid ihr ja. Ich hatte mich schon gesorgt weil ihr so lange nicht geschrieben habt. Also ich soll euch von Otto ausrichten, dass alles gut verlaufen ist und sie beide wohlbehalten zu Hause angekommen sind. Ich freue mich, dass ich euch auf eurer Abenteuerreise begleiten kann und wünsche euch eine Gute Reise weiterhin. Wir haben nur noch 10 Tage, dann geht es nach Hause ins Kalte. Fühlt euch gedrückt und umärmelt von Rita und Günter

  3. Hoi Greti en Norbert, we zijn wellicht wat traag met reageren maar genieten vollop van jullie verslag. Wat een prachtig avontuur, en wat gaat het ons voor de wind dat we zulke reizen kunnen maken. Hopen dat jullie een veilige en voorspoedige tocht zullen hebben. Veel groeten van Karli en Martha ( vijfde poging)

  4. Hi Greti
    Pictures are great! Looking forward to following your travels. Brings back memories of our trips through Nogales to Hermosillo then west to Kino Bay. Never went as far south as you have planned. :)