Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January update.
From Bombinhas we drove to Gramado, there we felt transplanted to the Black Forrest in Germany. Gramado in famous for its Christmas decoration and the lights at nite. At the campground we met Darlou and Sandra, both are retired professors and Darlou has a book published. Thy went with us in to town and showed us the sights, thy are Brazilians and have travelled Europe extensively so we had a lot to talk about. From Gramado we drove to Uruguay and the border crossing went smooth. Purchased some parts in Montevideo and drove on to Colon were we had visited before and spent the nite to take the ferry to Buenos Aires in the morning. It is a 3 hour ferry ride.
We are now in Buenos Aires at Norbert's brothers place.
We had advertised the camper for sale at the end of March but all the inquiry's we got , thy wanted it the latest mid January. So we decided to sell it to 3 young people from Minnesota and 
British Columbia. 
We took the ferry from Colon, Uruguay to Buenos Aires. Lucky that we have Manfred's place to station. It took us a while to find a notary to do the paperwork as it is vacation time here and most professional offices are closed from mid January to mid February.
Today we met with the new owners of our Blue Wonder and I am happy to pass her on to the very nice young owners.  Tomorrow we will go with them to buy insurance.
The Blue Wonder has been wonderful for us and I am sure she will be for them as well.
This brings our South America Adventure to a close, we have seen many amazing things, met wonderful people, learned about other cultures. Of all the places we visited and saw, I am very happy to call Vancouver home. This adventure has shown me how fortunate we are and that we have too many possessions. Also that people everywhere want the same things, most of all love and respect . Also that the people who have the least are the most generous. I have learned that fear can hold you back from exploring or attempting many things. Above all I am thankful for the many wonderful people in my life.
Love and hugs to you all.
Norbert and Greti


  1. It is just the end of this adventure and I am sure you guys will find a new one soon :)
    It was great to "experience" all these places and people through your blog.
    Hugs Lianne

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  3. Ja sowas.....es geht dem Ende zu ??? Da liest man mal eine Zeit nicht mit und dann sowas. War das so geplant ?? Auf jeden Fall war es schön mit euch zu reisen und wie du selbst geschrieben hast, waren die Begegnungen mit den verschiedenen Menschen doch das Herausragendste des Abenteuers.Sicher fiel es euch schwer, euch vom BlueWonder zu trennen und ich bin gespannt, welche Abenteuer dann auf euch warten.
    Jetzt erst mal eine gute und sichere Heimreise (Wann ?) und ein gutes Eingewöhnen in den Alltag von Vancouver.
    Vielleicht sieht man sich im Sommer in Germany, spätestens im März 2018 in LAS VEGAS zu Günters 70sten, lach ??!!
    Wir telefonieren wenn ihr zuhause seid. Bis dann alles Gute
    LG Rita u. Guenter

  4. Hallo, ich nochmal.......Sorry, tooo late, but umso herzlicher
    Happy Birthday Norbert...hoffe du hattest einen tollen Tag.
    Gruesse von dem gesamtem Clan